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Entrevista de Rob en la revista Glamour España ( Foto Nueva) - Dior!

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He has one of the most magnetic looks of current cinema. Free from his vampiric past, the actor writes the first chapters of his new life, next to Dior Homme, turning into an icon of freedom.

Robert Pattinson says he's not the perfect man, but he's very close. His millions of fans believe so, and after seeing him in the new Dior Homme ad, so do we. Discreet and misterious, Pattinson (London, 1986) is still the same he's always been in spite of the fame he got with The Twilight Saga. Since then, his CV grows in an unstoppable way with titles like Water for ElephantsBel Ami and David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. We'll soon see him inThe Rover, and he starts filming: Maps to the Stars, again with Cronenberg and Hold on to Me, with actress Carey Mulligan. Used to living with the rumors of his break up with Kristen Stewart, he feels grown up for the first time. In Los Angeles and in a Glamour Exclusive, he confesses that he's a one-woman man. As said before: almost perfect. 

What made you accept to being the new face of the Maison Dior?
It was a combination of circumstances. When it was proposed to me, I was filming very small movies and I thought representing a brand like Dior would allow me to get to the public more. It's good to have a big company as an ally. Being the face of a brand is something I've doubted a lot. I've turned down offers in the past, but when the french campaign proposed it to me, the decision was easy. I like what the brand represents. I like it because it's inaccessible and I relate to its philosophy. 

Do you miss the media attention the Twilight Saga caused?
No, although I do have new found feelings. On one side, the popularity made me face the pressure of the media, but on the other side, I felt safe being part of a saga so profitable.

Do you mean Twilight gave you economical support that now allows you to freely choose low budget cinematic projects?
Yeah, that's what I mean. Twilight has given value to my image all over the world. Before I star in a romantic comedy, I'd rather turn into the face of a strong firm. It's something that in reality, I could've done earlier, but I've waited because I wanted to team with a good brand. Two years ago, when I began considering the idea of being the face of a perfume, nobody was doing it. Now all actors do it, from Brad Pitt to Matthew McConaughey. It's fun that we're all doing it now.

Originally, the story of the advert (directed by Romain Gavras) was going to be of two men and one woman, but you decided to change the script...
A lot of people thought we were going to have an orgy. Certain images were cut because there was nakedness and we don't want to give the wrong ideas.

But if you start allowing yourself to be seen surrounded by models, a lot of people will expect you to do exactly what's expected of the sexy actor of the moment...
There's a very precise line that marks reality and fiction. If people aren't capable of distinguishing it, there's nothing I can do to explain it to them. 

You said becoming the face of Dior makes you feel adult. Do you feel that at 27, you've lost your innocence? 
I don't know. I feel less self-conscious now. Up until now I saw myself as a teenager, and for a few months now I haven't felt so immature.

Has letting go of Twilight and everything that surrounds it contributed to your maturity?
I don't know, with Twilight I turned into a public persona and my ego had to face a lot of things. I don't like calling attention, or that people hug me and take pictures of me. Twilightmade me change. However, for the last eight or nine months, I feel a lot more comfortable under my skin.


Do you still write and compose?
Yeah, I've been composing lately. Trying to develop the scripts of two movies and writing. One of the films I'll be in, I can't say much about the other one. It's funny, I like to write the characters as if it was a woman and then playing them. 

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Avistamientos de Rob hoy en Beverly Hills rodando MTTS - 20 de Agosto

A 20 pasos de Robert Pattinson rodando una escena de una película....


 Acabo de ver algo de "Maps To The Stars" siendo rodado. ¿Tiene a Robert Pattinson en ella?


Robert Pattinson nunca falla en su estilo!!

Para los fans (como una servidora) el estilo Robert Pattinson, este fin de semana fue muy emocionante. No sólo el lanzamiento de Christian Dior con más de fotos con estilo súper de su próxima campaña de Dior Homme implican a Pattinson, apareció de nuevo en Los Angeles en el set de 'Maps to the Star"de David Cronenberg, con el mismo traje negro que fue fotografiada hace unas semanas. 
Un miranda relajado con una sonrisa radiante. Pattinson en un momento se quitó la chaqueta para revelar una camisa blanca perfectamente ajustada. Las fotos no pueden revelar mucho sobre la próxima película de Pattinson, pero demostran una cosa: cada hombre debe poseer un traje negro personalizado!
Las imágenes recién liberados para Dior, hechas por Nan Goldin,  pone en una variedad de escenas interesantes: en uno que lleva un traje negro e incisivo está encaramado en el techo de una choza en ruinas junto al mar, en otro, él está usando una chaqueta otoñal y aparece antes de un rascacielos en Nueva York. Si usted no está completamente satisfecho con las imágenes, Dior lanzó un teaser video. Y si aún así no satisface su deseo por el estilo, vuelva a ver Cosmopolis y admire la grandeza de Pattinson vistiendo Gucci.

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Nuevas Fotos de Kristen en LAX el dia de hoy (19 Agosto) - ACTUALIZADO



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Teaser video de Rob para Dior!! Con nuevas imágenes!


Nuevas imágenes en el


Nuevas HQ
(Un poco diferentes a las ya subidas)


Vía: robstenyedwella
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